Marcelo Singer

Marcelo was born on December 27th, 1973, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Later in life he would be known as "El Pájaro" (The Bird).

When high school was over he travelled to Israel and Europe, where he worked, studied and was helplessly seduced by this approach to different languages, cultures and ways of living. At the age of 23 he had become Commercial Manager of IT Services, a company he founded together with two friends. This business has continued to offer network maintenance and assessment in information technology until nowadays.

In 1998 he went backpacking with a friend across the Inca Trail, Lake Titikaka and South of Bolivia. While in Machu Picchu he decided that photography, his hobby, was going to be the path to follow and conquer. With his luggage hanging from one shoulder and the camera from the other, he travelled for six months throughout the South East of Asia. China, Tibet, India and Nepal were documented in more than one thousand images.

In 2001 he flew out again. He travelled more than 20.000 kilometres along South and East of Africa, falling deeply in love with its land and people. In his aim to travel the world with his camera in hand, a year later he decided to quit computing services and off he went across South of Argentina, Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala doing what he loved most: shooting pictures, documenting.

Once back home, and longing to settle down, he works professionally in photography for press, publicity and cinema, for first class enterprises and international organisms. He covered special events such as Rainforest Challenge and the Atacama Raid for foreign media, and published the coverage of the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

On his latest trips he took his camera to the North of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain. Last year he adventured himself inland across the Sahara dessert from Morocco to Senegal.

For many years he has been picturing the uruguayan national football team along the qualifying tournaments for the World Cup. When his team qualified he headed to document the national football dream, and a month later was back with images which were sponsored in a public exhibition.

In love with Montevideo and the world; he works with happiness and thankfullness. He keeps searching for motivation engaging projects and being seduced by new ideas.

In the South Africa World Football Cup of 2010, he felt himself 'Closer to Heaven" ("Mas Cerca del Cielo") a book he later published with outstanding images of the event.